Last christmas holiday I went skiing in France. We drove 10 hours. A few days before we left, I made a list of songs I wanted to put on my ipod. Well actually I just went to Spotify and I downloaded every song of the Indie top 100 list and the Sunday afternoon list. Those 2 lists are the ones I’ve listened to the most, the last few weeks. That didn’t mean that I knew all of the songs. I think I knew 10 of the 150 songs I wrote down. I like listening to new music. I think there was like 11 hours of music on my ipod. So, enough for the whole trip.

I found a song in the middle of the list and the moment I heard it playing trough my headphones, I enjoyed of everything. You know what I mean? It were 3 minutes of pure happiness. 3 minutes of just perfectness – I don’t think that’s a word. The song I’m talking about is a well known song I guess. It is Fever To The Form by Nick Mulvey. I never heard it before but with 8 million likes on Spotify…

Last week I bought my FIRST cd. I don’t know why, but I never bought a cd before. My dad has an insane collection of cd’s. Maybe it’s because of the price. Wy should you buy a cd if you can download it – for free. I don’t know. I prefer cd’s. I bought Nick Mulvey’s cd, First Mind. Cd’s are so much more. Much more memories than MP3-files. You can hold it in your hands, you can break it, you can do everything you want with it.

What I actually wanted to say is that I’m in love with these songs. The whole cd is a treasure. My favourite was Fever to form – defenitely. I know every word of the song. Well, now I bought the cd, I prefer Cucurucu. This man is a wonderfull artist. He makes my day, every day.

This was a weird post, I like it.


3 thoughts on “Cucurucu

  1. Kaat, potverdikke zeg. Wat heb jij een schone blog. En in ‘t Engels dan nog wel. Dubbel chapeau. Wat doe je dat goed zeg. En hiep hiep hoera voor Nick Mulvey, eindelijk nog iemand die zijn pareltjes heeft ontdekt! Blijven schrijven, je doet dat ge-wel-dig!

    1. Heel hard bedankt Hanne, maar je moet weten dat ik bij elke post die ik van jou lees denk: damn, waarom heeft die geen eigen tijdschrift? 😊

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