My desk + organization tips


DSCF0699My desk is the best part of my room. This is a piece that I created myself without anyone helping me – besides the fact that I haven’t chosen the desk myself. I want my room to be in this style. 


Right now


photoPinterest has been an obsession the last few days, so when I had a writers block earlier today, I obviously went to Pinterest to find some inspiration. I found a really cool idea which I  definitely wanted to try. It is like a Q&A but a little bit different. I have to answer 7 questions about the moment I am writing this. Little post today, sorry.

Let’s talk about friendship



Friends are probably –  if you are still in school – one of the most important things in life. I could not live without the people who surround me now everyday. They mean everything to me, but it hasn’t always been like that. Before I changed school, I had three best friends in my previous school. I felt good when I was spending time with them and they supported me in everything I did. And I felt like I was being a good

Five faves – February


February has been pretty good for me. Besides the fact that I’ve been ill. But I found a lot of new things that I loved this month.

– Beauty –

Weleda skin food DSCF0464

This product is probably one of the best products I’ve ever used. My skin can be quite dry sometimes –  especially now, in winter – but when I used products for a dry skin, my skin was getting to oily, so I had to deal with more spots. I use Weleda’s skinfood now, but