Right now


photoPinterest has been an obsession the last few days, so when I had a writers block earlier today, I obviously went to Pinterest to find some inspiration. I found a really cool idea which I  definitely wanted to try. It is like a Q&A but a little bit different. I have to answer 7 questions about the moment I am writing this. Little post today, sorry.


1. Feeling: happy because it’s almost spring holiday!

2. Wearing: A black jeans, black blouse (I’m obsessed with blouses), and some totally black low all-stars. Yup, black today.

3. Wanting: A fairy coming into my room with some flowers and white chocolate.

4. Needing: Healthy food next to me instead of all these candies.

5. Eating: Nothing, but I just finished my bowl of yoghurt and oatmeal with a little bit of honey on top. Yum.

6. Thinking: I want to be Mary Poppins, so I could just sing instead of making my homework that’s waiting for me. Ughh, stupid math.

7. Loving: currently, pillows and Alex Pattyfer’s face and this picture above.


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