Letter to myself


Schermafbeelding 2015-04-24 om 17.54.07

Dear Kaat,

I hope you’re doing well. I wrote this letter, actually, you wrote this , 15 years ago. On the black table that’s supposed to be a desk in your parents’ house. Your sisters are playing in their room. And your mom and dad are cooking dinner. Your room is a mess.

It’s weird to write to you, because I don’t know who you’ve become. I know how I want you to be, but we all know that that often stays a dream. I hope you found the people you want to spent the rest of your life with. A fiancee, some very close friends, a coach (best friend) who helps you with everything. I hope you graduated and that you became a speech therapist. I hope your blog is still alive. I hope you give all of your friends the love that they deserve. I hope you opened a donutshop.

So, first things first. A boyfriend. Hope you found him. If you did, go tell him that you’re so happy he chose you, that you love him so much and he is your hero. If he isn’t around, call him, seriously. You are such a lucky girl, so enjoy every moment you get to spent with him. If you’re still single, call your friends and invite them to go for a picknick. Picknicks are always a solution. Don’t give up, please.

I truly hope you have a few friends that mean everything to you. Some friends who know that you will be ready to catch them if they fell. Treat them well. If they ask for help, invite them for some tea. Make some soup and fill the hot tub with hot water if they are crying. Please be that person. Or Mary Poppins, because she’s amazing. Surround yourself with the people that make you feel comfortable and happy.

If you have a kid, or if you are planning to have one, write every fun/cute/smart thing they say down in a little moleskinebook. Write down what you’ve learnt throughout the past years. Write down every single thing you want them to know and give it to them when they turn 12 years old. So they remember that you love them, forever and ever.

Did you actually became a speech therapist (Congratulations, you made it!)? Because that’s your dream, remember? If you didn’t, are you happy with your job now? That’s more important. Also, take a break. Please go on a citytrip to London or Copenhagen. Alone, or with a friend, or your Prince Charming, you deserve it. Don’t forget to make time for yourself, your kids and your husband, besides your job.

The blog, let’s talk about the blog. I hope you changed the name to something(e) cooler. Do you still have a blog? I hope you have a lot of followers, at least more then you have now – 3, if you were wondering. Have you done at least one Q&A and one youtubevideo? Because that are your goals, now. If you work together with some companies, don’t let them decide about your blog. Don’t let them force you to do anything. And try to correct this letter, I hope your English will be better in 2045 (that sounds so creepy).

Do you have a donutshop? Or a coffeebar? That’s your dream. You were going to start a donutshop with 3 friends: S. , L. , other L. It was so cool. You were going to have these ‘Brunch Weekends’ where everyone in the shop would sit on a long table for the whole morning, so they could eat and chat with each other. You must do this whole idea. I wrote every single detail down, you can find the paper in your “memoriesbox”.

Although, this is certainly not the best letter I’ve ever wrote, but I hope you learnt/remembered/… something.

Please, live life like you should and enjoy all the moments that are waiting for you.


Kaat, 15


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