Link Faves #2



Studyblr is basically heaven for students. On this Tumblr you can find the most amazing notes people made while they were in class. These pictures motivate me so much. And I’m a little bit ashamed for saying this, but I kind of want to go back to school now.

AA: Aa is my favorite app. It’s a game where you have to tap on the screen, and when you touch the screen, a little dot will be stitched to a larger dot. It’s very hard to explain, but ridiculously easy when you play it. I mean, it’s easy until you reach level 49 or something. But until then it will be pretty easy but so much fun!

KLOSSY: Karlie Kloss started her own youtube channel. Whaaaaaaatttt??? She takes us with her to the Paris Fashion Week, to her Glamour overshoot and so much more. Her videos are very inspiring and meanwhile so much fun to watch!

A PAIR AND A SPARE: This blog has the classiest DIY’s you’ve ever seen. Geneva turns everything into something stylish. I’m in love with her style and every little detail of her travel guides. Definitely worth visiting.

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#30DAYSTOSPLITS: Cassey Ho created a 30 day challenge to be able to do the splits. I’ve been wanting to do splits since I saw Angelina Ballerina on TV. But I’ve never been able to do it. So, thanks to Cassey I will be able to do this at the end of september!

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DREAMTERVIEW, yeah, I just invented that word. Dream + interview. Persons you would like to interview. Here’s a list of mine:



You know I’m a huge fan of her work, so do I really need to explain this?

Question I would ask her: Do you ever want to quit blogging and do something else or do you see blogging as something that can go on for years and years?

2. Nelson Mandela:

Nelson Mandela

I know he died, but if I would have had a chance to interview him I would have definitely done that.

Question I would ask him: What is your favorite thing in the world? (out of EVERYTHING)

3. Cory monteith:


Cory died in the period I started watching Glee. I was obsessed with him and Lea Michele. So when he died, I cried. And I was devastated from his death. Yeah, I was a diehard fangirl. Although I’m over my Glee stage, Lea and Cory will always interest me and mean something to me.

Question I would ask him: Why did you kept on drinking and taking drugs? Where you seriously planning a proposal to your girlfriend?

4. David Uzochukwu:


I hope I spelled that right. He’s my all time favorite photographer. His photographs are special/beautiful and amazingly original according to me.

Question I would ask him: How did you start with photography and do you have any tips for beginners to stand out?