DREAMTERVIEW, yeah, I just invented that word. Dream + interview. Persons you would like to interview. Here’s a list of mine:



You know I’m a huge fan of her work, so do I really need to explain this?

Question I would ask her: Do you ever want to quit blogging and do something else or do you see blogging as something that can go on for years and years?

2. Nelson Mandela:

Nelson Mandela

I know he died, but if I would have had a chance to interview him I would have definitely done that.

Question I would ask him: What is your favorite thing in the world? (out of EVERYTHING)

3. Cory monteith:


Cory died in the period I started watching Glee. I was obsessed with him and Lea Michele. So when he died, I cried. And I was devastated from his death. Yeah, I was a diehard fangirl. Although I’m over my Glee stage, Lea and Cory will always interest me and mean something to me.

Question I would ask him: Why did you kept on drinking and taking drugs? Where you seriously planning a proposal to your girlfriend?

4. David Uzochukwu:


I hope I spelled that right. He’s my all time favorite photographer. His photographs are special/beautiful and amazingly original according to me.

Question I would ask him: How did you start with photography and do you have any tips for beginners to stand out?


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