September Playlist


Some Disney. Some Alt-J. Some classics and a party.

  • Good For You – Selena Gomez: Guilty pleasure nr. 1
  • Shake it out – Florence + The machine: LOVE HER.
  • Something Good – Alt-J: Yeah, I’m annoying, I know.
  • Drive – Oh Wonder: Mmmmhhhh, so good.
  • Make her say – Kid Cudi: Makes me wanna dance, every time.
  • I’ll make a man out of you – Mulan: Awesome movie + song.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen: Party Hardy.
  • Tequila – The Champs: Guilty pleasure nr. 2
  • Got it – Marian Hill: YES. YES.
  • Whisky – Marian Hill: YES. YES. YES.
  • Bunker – Balthazar: Satisfying x 5


Online tip: Hello Giggles


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Have you met Hello Giggles yet? Or I mean have you seen it yet? It is Zoeey Deschanel’s blog – with a whole team behind it – and it is amazing.

Hello Giggles calls itself a positive community for women. And I can only agree with that. This online platform focuses on the daily stuff. Tips, stories, links and other stuff. If they post a story, you will also know what happens with that person after one day of being famous. They take their time to find out who people are before they write about it. They post the latest Disney gossips, the little details of a celebs life, and so much more. It is hard to put them in one category, because they write about so many different things.

I’ve been following this blog via Facebook. My homepage on Facebook looks so much more happy and positive with their posts between the others.

My favorite posts: (currently, because they post so much!)

40 important questions you should totally ask your BFF

A love letter to badass women with platinum blonde hair

TV shows that totally understand what love means



Television is a wand. Movies are the magic. Pretty cheesy but at least, that’s how I feel about them. Movies are so interesting. It takes you to another place, while you’re still sitting in your own couch. I definitely prefer books above their remakes, but still, movies are a fantastic invention.

I feel like I don’t know a lot about them. I’ve watched almost every chickflick and Disney-classic of the universe, but name a comedian or a science-fiction, I won’t know what you’re talking about. There is a huge list of movies I still want to see on my desk, but for now, this is my top 10, described in one sentence.

Little Miss Sunshine

A classic comedian, but with the cutest story. The boy was my very first movie crush, ever.


This movie shows that people with a psychical disorder, can be loved as much as everyone else. Beautiful.

Inside Out

My life, in a movie.

Big Hero 6

One of the better recent Disney movies, you have to watch this.


The extremely underrated Disneyprincess that I adore since I watched the movie for the first time.

Harry Potter

I started watching this a month ago, I’m obsessed.

Edward Scissorhands

The most endearing movie I’ve ever seen, Tim Burton is a hero.


My favorite romcom ever.

One Day

A stunning movie, with an heart rending ending.


A classic, but oh, so beautiful.

Catch Me If You Can

What can I say? Well done, Leonardo.