Playlist JUNE

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It’s been a long time since I posted my last post. I’ve had a really busy period behind me (finals, sickness, vacation, …) so I haven’t had a lot of time to post some new things. The past few days I have been enjoying my friends and a nice and cold swimming pool, because sitting behind a screen when it’s 35 degrees outside isn’t really my jam.

But…. I’M BACK. There are a lot of fun ideas on my todo list for this blog, but it’s hard to get them all done. But I hope I will be posting a lot more the next few weeks (: .

Like I mentioned, I’ve had some exams to study for last month. I listen to a lot of music while studying, even though a lot of people say it distracts you, I can study better with some music . I also got the chance to go to Rock Werchter, a very well known festival in Belgium. I’ve had such a good time there. My friends and I basically saw a few artists we are in love with, like Ibeyi and ALT-J (waaaaaaaaaahhhhh).

ALT-J’s performance was by far one of the best nights of my life! So, it won’t be a surprise if I tell you that the half of my playlist includes ALT-J. (:


1. Bills – Lunchmoney Lewis: Yeah, this is kind of a guilty pleasure, but I just can’t resist the “god damn” part.

2. Heavy Shoulders – Trace: Ingrid Nilsen talked about this in one of her videos and I am absolutely obsessed with this song.

3. Taro – ALT-J 4. Thirteen Thirty-Five – Dillon: This song is one of the most touching songs I’ve ever heard. Dillon sings about her miscarriage a few years ago, and about how her life would have been if she had a child now.

5. Father Father – Laura Mvula

6. 50 ways to leave your lover – Paul Simon: My absolute guilty pleasure :S

7. Bloodflood – ALT-J 

8. Your flesh against mine – Dillon

9. Words are dead – Agnes Obel: I’ve been her biggest fan for years now, and this is my favorite song!

10. Marilyn Monroe – Pharrel Williams (RW prepare)

11. Believe – Mumford and Sons (RW prepare)

12. Every other freckle – ALT-J (RW prepare)