Zephyr and Bella


I feel like I should start this post apologizing for not posting – I seriously didn’t even notice that WordPress has changed, I feel like coming from a different century – but this probably won’t be the last time of succulent guilt-feels. So, I think we should just follow the rhythm of the hythm (can we get an a-men for that invented rime), and I’m going to post whenever I feel like a first-class-author-child . Oh, and I got five faves for you, dear friends:


Zephyr Hand Cream – And Other Stories

So, funny story behind this one. I went shopping with my dear friend Lisa from This Very Messy Mind Of Mine. We are both truly in love with And Other Stories, so since we were in Gent that day, we went to one of their only shops in Belgium. It is a beautiful store, and I actually feel a little bit underdressed every time I go there. Apart from the very uncomfortable feelings, I was very happy when we arrived at the handlotion section aka the pay desk. I was planning on buying the Fig Fiction one, but if you have ever seen their handlotion stock, you’ll already know what happened. I tried every single hand cream I saw. Many people know that going to a store with me, always ends up in an extremely awkward and painful experience. I tried this hand cream and when I pushed the tube, the cream just went everywhere. On the pay desk, on my legs and arms, on Lisa, on other hand creams,… The saleswoman looked at me, as angry as I’ve ever seen someone looking at me. I felt so bad that I just bought it quickly and run out of the shop.

But, anyways, I’m glad I slopped this hand cream on myself, because it smells amazing and I fell in love.


Top Coat Stripes – HEMA

This is the coolest nail polish I own and I love this. It is so much fun to wear, because it goes with almost everything. The fact that it is black makes it easier to combine with other colors, on your nails or just you clothes. The major benefit of this nail polish is that it is easy-peasy-extra-cheesy to put on your nails, because you don’t see it when you ‘colored’ on your fingers.

If they ever make these in confetti colors, you know where to find me.


Bella’s Lullaby (Twilight) – Carter Burwell

As I told you before, I was a diehard Twilight fan, when I was 12 years old. I collected stickers and articles, saved my money to buy the DVD’s and I read all the books (literally every book that was Twilight-related). After those crazy years, I banned it from my life, because of the devastating break-up between Kristen and Robert. Yes, I cried. Yes, I’m an embarrassing kid. There’s just one thing that I can’t ban from my world and it is Bella’s Lullaby. It is a wonderful piece of honest piano by Edward, the vampire. And I love it. And I can play it. I swear that this is the only Twilight thing I don’t want to give up, so please let me have my guilty pleasure of pure and touching grace.


642 Things To Write About – San Francisco Writers’ Grotto

This book is very mean. Very very mean. I have to put this in a drawer or something where I just can’t see it. Especially during my finals this week, I just want to write in it every time I see it. It’s hard to put it away and I have to force myself to do it. If you ever have to deal with writers block, this is a lifesaver. It stimulates my fantasy and motivation to start up projects. And the humor in this book is fantastic, seriously.

American Kids Try … – WatchCut Video

I don’t even know where to start with these. This is hilarious, just watch it,  please.


Playlist JUNE

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It’s been a long time since I posted my last post. I’ve had a really busy period behind me (finals, sickness, vacation, …) so I haven’t had a lot of time to post some new things. The past few days I have been enjoying my friends and a nice and cold swimming pool, because sitting behind a screen when it’s 35 degrees outside isn’t really my jam.

But…. I’M BACK. There are a lot of fun ideas on my todo list for this blog, but it’s hard to get them all done. But I hope I will be posting a lot more the next few weeks (: .

Like I mentioned, I’ve had some exams to study for last month. I listen to a lot of music while studying, even though a lot of people say it distracts you, I can study better with some music . I also got the chance to go to Rock Werchter, a very well known festival in Belgium. I’ve had such a good time there. My friends and I basically saw a few artists we are in love with, like Ibeyi and ALT-J (waaaaaaaaaahhhhh).

ALT-J’s performance was by far one of the best nights of my life! So, it won’t be a surprise if I tell you that the half of my playlist includes ALT-J. (:


1. Bills – Lunchmoney Lewis: Yeah, this is kind of a guilty pleasure, but I just can’t resist the “god damn” part.

2. Heavy Shoulders – Trace: Ingrid Nilsen talked about this in one of her videos and I am absolutely obsessed with this song.

3. Taro – ALT-J 4. Thirteen Thirty-Five – Dillon: This song is one of the most touching songs I’ve ever heard. Dillon sings about her miscarriage a few years ago, and about how her life would have been if she had a child now.

5. Father Father – Laura Mvula

6. 50 ways to leave your lover – Paul Simon: My absolute guilty pleasure :S

7. Bloodflood – ALT-J 

8. Your flesh against mine – Dillon

9. Words are dead – Agnes Obel: I’ve been her biggest fan for years now, and this is my favorite song!

10. Marilyn Monroe – Pharrel Williams (RW prepare)

11. Believe – Mumford and Sons (RW prepare)

12. Every other freckle – ALT-J (RW prepare)

What’s in my messy handbag on a basic day?

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Hallo liefste Lezertjes van me,

het is alweer een tijdje geleden dat ik een nieuwe blogpost heb geschreven, waarvoor mijn excuses. Maar ik kan jullie alvast verklappen dat er binnenkort een nieuwe DIY aankomt.

Zoals op de foto (sorry voor de slechte kwaliteit.) zie je dat mijn handtas meestal echt propvol zit. De noodzakelijke spullen zoals mijn ipod, mijn GSM en mijn portemonnee zitten er dan meestal nog niet eens in. Het probleem bij mij is dat ik heel mijn handtas klaar maak om te vertrekken en dat ik dan op laatste momentje nog besef dat de belangrijke dingen er niet eens inzitten. Daarom belanden mijn Ipod, GSM en portemonnee meestal in mijn jaszak.

Topfilms-lijstje (deel 1)

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Het allerliefste wat ik doe ‘s avonds is een film kijken. En dat doe ik het liefst van al met deze toppertjes!

1. Little miss sunshine


Little miss sunshine is waarschijnlijk mijn absolute favoriet. De film gaat over een buitengewone en toch heel gewone familie die met hun gele busje op weg zijn naar een missverkiezing voor hun kleinste dochtertje. Natuurlijk verloopt dat niet helemaal zoals gepland. De film is hilarisch en geeft toch wel een paar levenslessen met je mee.

Trailer – Little miss sunshine

50 facts about me


De 50 facts about me – TAG gaat al een tijdje rond op internet. Dit is mijn allereerste blogpost dus ik dacht dat deze TAG een goed idee zou zijn als eerste blogpost en als aanvullinkje bij de about me pagina.Nu ja, gemakkelijker gezegd dan gedaan zeker? De eerste tien feiten gingen redelijk vlotjes maar bij de dertiende moest ik al diep beginnen graven in mezelf. Voor de nieuwelingen in blogparadijs: zoals de titel al zegt, de bedoeling is om dus 50 feiten over jezelf te delen.